What We Do

About Us

Team Alex is comprised of several dedicated and passionate family and community members from around Alberta. We all have been impacted by suicides and mental health issues in our families and communities. We take our vision literally; we really do want to end suicide and we will always be looking to provide the very best and most recent and relevant training, supports, tools and resources to Alberta Sports Leagues. We have had enough; this must end.


A World Without Suicide.


To work together to effectively impact the mental health of children, youth and the entire community. We equip, train and create awareness to support those who may be thinking of ending their pain by suicide. Through this collaboration, we desire to eliminate suicide altogether.

What We Do

Building Self Esteem in the Locker Room: Supporting and Improving Mental Health in Sports.

In this training developed for coaches, assistant coaches and volunteers in youth sports, participants learn:

  • Positive coaching strategies to help build confidence and self-esteem in players
  • The impact of building healthy and trusting relationships
  • Information on bullying
  • Reducing Stigma
  • Youth mental health and suicide; we equip participants to recognize when a player is experiencing distress and how to confidently offer support and assist them in accessing the supports they need.

This training was not designed to create mental health professionals but rather mental health supporters and connect coaches to a network of peers so we can make a difference in the well-being of our youth today.