Our Training

Building Self Esteem in the Locker Room: Supporting and Improving Mental Health in Sports.

In this training developed for coaches, assistant coaches and volunteers in youth sports, participants learn:

  • Positive coaching strategies to help build confidence and self-esteem in players
  • The impact of building healthy and trusting relationships
  • Information on bullying
  • Reducing Stigma
  • Youth mental health and suicide; we equip participants to recognize when a player is experiencing distress and how to confidently offer support and assist them in accessing the supports they need.

This training was not designed to create mental health professionals but rather mental health supporters and connect coaches to a network of peers so we can make a difference in the well-being of our youth today.

This 3.5-hour workshop (includes a 15-minute break) is designed for coaches in minor sports. Coaches are uniquely positioned as mentors to build trusting relationships with their players while supporting their mental health and well-being. Our training, “Building Self-Esteem in the Locker Room: Supporting and Improving Mental Health,” gives coaches the tools and confidence to support their players through tough times, especially as we are coming out of the isolation of the pandemic.

This training is designed to be interactive; the facilitators engage the group in discussions, and small group work to brainstorm positive coaching moments that can be adopted into the team culture. The cost is $40.00/person and includes refreshments and light snacks. We are building an online portal that participants can access once they have completed the training. Participants will also receive a Team Alex Certificate after completing the workshop.


What did people like most?

“Learning from others in the room. Shared experiences or examples”

“How open conversation was encouraged”

“How to handle a variety of different situations that may arise”

“I liked the concrete examples that coaches can use to try to identify problems and how to intervene”

What is one thing participants will implement?

“I want to chat with players each game to give them positive reinforcement and show that someone cares”

“Focusing on promoting a safe, enriching environment. ‘Check-in’ every time we meet”

“Focus on players strengths and weakness. Not only with skills, but personality and attitude towards themselves and others”

“Always watching all players for changes in their personality to see if any issues arise”

“Ongoing communication, open/attentive manner”

“More talking one on one with the players”