What We Do

Suicide does not discriminate and it must be taken seriously. If we all take an inward look, we understand the far-reaching impact of suicide. After the tragic loss of Alex, who died by suicide in May of 2019, his heartbroken family formed a team of determined and passionate individuals who are ready to fight to ensure others will not face this excruciating pain. We know that not everyone reaches out for help and therefore, if we can assist in providing education for suicide awareness and prevention, we can make a difference. If it helps to save even one life, it is worth it! Our dedicated team is ready to do whatever it takes to help create sport, community and better yet, a world without suicide.

Through collective action, we are working to educate and train leaders, coaches, parents, teachers, children, youth and people everywhere on this imperative subject. We aim to increase awareness while building resiliency and expanding the capacity for people to appropriately respond. Our planned initiatives are limitless and currently include information and training sessions, events, presentations, wellness meetings and pop-up booths. Due to the subject matter, we are careful to take a trauma-informed and age-appropriate approach when it comes to our professionally facilitated sessions. Our dream is we would be able to extend our reach to include absolutely everyone, regardless of their location. Threaded throughout our work, we also strive to spread kindness to those around us to remind people that they are indeed valuable and loved.