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Lindsey More Memorial Scholarship

Lindsey More was a beautiful person inside and out. Her contagious laugh, charming and outgoing personality, big heart and warm smile hid her suffering from mental health issues.

September 20th, 2015, was a day that forever changed the lives of those close to Lindsey. After battling depression from her late teen years, Lindsey took her own life. It was a shock to everyone, especially those who did not know that she was fighting with this illness; even some of those who knew did not understand as she did not fit the description of what we are told someone with depression should have. Anyone who knew Lindsey knew her as someone who would do anything to make sure everyone was happy and not alone, and their memories of her are full of love, laughter and adventure. Humour and passion for helping others hid the sadness that eventually took over her mind.

Before Lindsey’s passing, she had spoken to her parents about what she was going through, they did everything they could with what they knew so they could get Lindsey help, but for her, it was a frustrating process, especially when it came to the financial side of it. 1 in 5 Canadians battle within any given year, mental illness. While mental illness accounts for more than 10% of the burden of disease in Canada, it receives just 7% of health care dollars and almost a third of Canadians who seek mental health care report that their needs are unmet or partially met. The rate is even higher for children and youth.

After the sudden passing of a friend who also took his life a year before, Lindsey was determined to make a change. She had discussed with her Dad, Rick, to start a foundation that would raise money to help children, teens and young adults fighting a mental illness but do not have the financial support to get the proper help needed. Unfortunately, Lindsey did not live to see her foundation come to life, but her love for helping others will continue even though she is not with us.

Just weeks after losing Lindsey, her parents promised to make Lindsey’s dream of helping others fight this illness come true, and with the help of many others, they started the Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation.

Donations can be made through the Red Deer & District Community Foundation. To donate, please click on the link provided on the page and be sure to choose “Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation” from the drop-down menu under the donation amount section. For any questions or inquiries, please feel free to send a message through this page, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Though she is gone, her smile will carry on.

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