Our Team

Suicide does not discriminate and it must be taken seriously. After the tragic loss of Alex, who died by suicide in May of 2019, his heartbroken family formed a team of determined and passionate individuals who are ready to fight to ensure others will not face this excruciating pain. We know that not everyone reaches out for help and therefore, if we can assist in providing education for suicide awareness and prevention, we can make a difference. If it helps to save even one life, it is worth it! Our dedicated team is ready to do whatever it takes to help create sport, community and better yet, a world without suicide.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

– William James

Our Team

Brian Ennis


Father of Alex Ennis, has been employed by, volunteered at, or created non-profits in Central Alberta for the last 20 years. Team Alex is by far the most difficult and important work I have done in my life and am totally committed to this new initiative.

Michelle Ennis


Michelle is fortunate to be part of the Ennis family, and have Alex as her cousin. With a Chartered Accountant designation and experience running her own business, she felt she would be a good fit in the Treasurer role. She is very excited to be on the board and help Team Alex make significant contributions to the community and bring more awareness to the importance of mental health. 

Laura Orthner

Vice President, and Director of Memberships, Volunteers & Scholarships

Laura has a BSc in Environment Science and a minor in Psychology and enjoys working with young children. She is passionate about creating positive and supportive relationships that promote and nurture children’s positive sense of self and belonging.

Marianne Ennis


Step-mom of Alex Ennis. She is a passionate advocate for those struggling with mental health and wants to help other families find resources and hope through Team Alex.

Frank Bauer

Frank Bauer

Director of Board Development & Strategic Planning

In our busy lives, we easily forget what is near and dear to our hearts and take health and wellbeing for granted. Team Alex is here for people who need some help, and I am excited to help make our world a happy place for all.

Tia Bell

Tia Bell

Director of Community Networking

Tia is usually described as a curious soul, connector of people and mindset, and very family orientated. Growing up Tia learned early on the power of connections and turned to a life of empowering others in their journeys of mental health. She prides herself as being a Registered Social Worker with a private practise as well as a Personal Development Coach. 

Jessica Worden

Director of Training

Jessica wanted to be part of tangible solutions to living in a world without suicide after the passing of her sister in law, Sabrina, in November of 2020. She is honored to be part of this amazing Team, working towards a common goal and supporting the youth of today to be healthier and happier adults of tomorrow.

Jordan Legge

Creative Director

I am a graphic designer and Alex was my brother. I have created various graphics along with the branding and promotional material for Team Alex. I am very fortunate to be working with Team Alex as we continue to spread awareness and to create a legacy that he would be so proud of.

Susan Walker

Communications Director

I was first introduced to Team Alex through the Red Deer Rotary Sunrise Club, and I played in the 2021 Team Alex Golf Tournament. I was touched by the passion and dedication in trying to create a #Worldwithoutsuicide. Having been personally touched by suicide through family and friends, I am hoping to make a difference through Team Alex. We can do this by helping youth in sport and their coaches understand that they are loved and not alone.